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Bone Meal

Bone Meal

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Bone Meal

Foundation for Strong Roots and Blooms

Bone Meal, a tried-and-true organic fertilizer, is renowned for its high phosphorus content, crucial for root development and flowering in plants. Derived from finely ground animal bones, this amendment also provides calcium, an essential nutrient for strengthening plant cell walls and aiding in plant structure and health.

The primary benefit of bone meal is its role in encouraging robust root systems. Strong roots are the foundation of healthy plants, enabling better water and nutrient uptake, and greater stability. This is especially vital for young plants and transplants, ensuring they establish well in their new environment.

For flowering plants, bone meal is a boon. Phosphorus is a key component in the formation of flowers and fruits. By slowly releasing phosphorus, bone meal supports the development of abundant and vibrant blooms, and in the case of fruiting plants, it contributes to the production of high-quality fruits.

Bone meal’s slow-release properties are particularly beneficial. Unlike synthetic fertilizers that provide a quick nutrient burst, bone meal breaks down gradually over time. This slow decomposition ensures a steady, long-term supply of nutrients, aligning well with the natural growth cycle of plants.

Adding bone meal to your soil mix caters to plants at critical growth stages – establishing roots, flowering, and fruiting. It’s especially useful in blends designed for bulbs, flowering plants, and edible gardens, where root health and blooming are top priorities. Bone meal, thus, is not just a fertilizer; it’s a foundational element for a thriving, blossoming garden.

NPK Ratio: 2-14-0 or 4-12-0

For more information and application instructions, see our dedicated page to Bone Meal

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