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Green Growth Brew Kit (Worm Tea)

Green Growth Brew Kit (Worm Tea)

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When used as foliar spray or soil drench, homemade worm-casting tea isn't just great natural fertilizer—it's liquid gold for plants. Packed with essential plant nutrients and beneficial microbes that improve soil structure, it works wonders on both potted and garden plants.

This rich plant elixir helps protect against pesky invaders like spider mites while also promoting robust seedling growth through improved nutrient uptake facilitated by its microbe-rich content.

Plus, the all-natural ingredients mean you’ll never burn your plants.

Regular bi-weekly use of worm-casting tea encourages stronger, healthier plant growth.

One Gallon Kit Includes:

  • Standard Aquarium Air Pump
  • One Gallon Container
  • 3” Disc Air Stone
  • 1oz Unsulfured Molasses
  • 4oz Bloom & Garden Premium Worm Castings
  • Scrubber & Scoop

Two Gallon Kit Includes:

  • Aquarium Air Pump
  • Two Gallon Container
  • 4” Disc Air Stone
  • 1oz Unsulfured Molasses
  • 8oz Bloom & Garden Premium Worm Castings
  • Foliar Spray Bottle
  • Scrubber & Scoop
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