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Plant Root's Best Friend

MYKOS mycorrhizae, a type of beneficial fungi, play a crucial role in enhancing plant health, particularly at the roots. This natural soil amendment forms a symbiotic relationship with plant roots, extending their reach far beyond their physical limits. This extended root system dramatically increases the plant’s ability to absorb water and essential nutrients, particularly phosphorus, which is vital for energy transfer and photosynthesis.

The presence of mycorrhizae in the soil helps plants in several ways. Firstly, it boosts nutrient uptake, enabling plants to access more of the nutrients they need to thrive. This is especially beneficial in nutrient-poor soils or for plants with high nutritional demands. Secondly, mycorrhizae improve soil structure. They create a more aerated and porous soil environment, which enhances root penetration and overall root health.

Furthermore, plants with mycorrhizal associations tend to be more resilient against environmental stresses such as drought and soil salinity. They also show enhanced resistance to certain root pathogens and diseases. This is particularly important for young plants or transplants, helping them establish more quickly and successfully in new environments.

By incorporating mycorrhizae into your soil mix, you’re not just feeding plants; you’re creating a dynamic, symbiotic environment that fosters healthier, more vigorous growth and a stronger, more resilient garden.

For more information and application instructions, see our dedicated page to  Mycorrhizae

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