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Oyster Shells

Oyster Shells

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Oyster Shells

Natural pH Balancer and Calcium Source

Oyster Shells, often ground into a fine powder, are a natural way to adjust soil pH and provide a slow-release source of calcium. Rich in calcium carbonate, oyster shells are particularly beneficial for sweetening acidic soils, gradually raising the pH to suit plants that thrive in more alkaline conditions.

The calcium released from oyster shells is vital for plant health. It plays a crucial role in cell wall development, root growth, and nutrient uptake. Calcium also helps plants combat diseases and withstand environmental stresses. The slow release of calcium ensures a steady supply over time, supporting consistent plant growth.

Additionally, oyster shells improve soil texture. They add grittiness to the soil, which can enhance drainage and aeration, especially beneficial in compact or clay-heavy soils.

By adding oyster shells to your soil mix, you cater to plants that prefer a higher pH while providing an essential nutrient that bolsters plant health and resilience. This ingredient is especially useful for gardeners looking to naturally correct acidic soil conditions and promote robust plant growth.

For more information and application instructions, see our dedicated page to Oyster Shells

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