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Green Growth Seedling Mix

Green Growth Seedling Mix

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Introducing our Seedling Soil Mix, expertly crafted to provide the perfect start for your young plants. This specially formulated blend combines the optimal balance of amendments to ensure your seedlings develop strong roots, vibrant growth, and a sturdy foundation for future transplanting.

Core Components of Our Seedling Soil Mix:

  • Vermiculite (30%): This ingredient helps with moisture retention and aeration. Its high proportion will ensure that the seedlings have enough water without the soil becoming waterlogged.
  • Coco Coir (20%): Coco coir is excellent for retaining moisture and also promotes strong root growth due to its light, airy texture. It's a sustainable alternative to peat moss.
  • Worm Castings (10%): Worm castings are a fantastic source of nutrients and beneficial microorganisms. They also help in improving soil structure.
  • Perlite (10%): Perlite enhances aeration and drainage, preventing soil compaction. This is crucial for seedling health, as their roots require oxygen as well as water.
  • Organic Compost (10%): Compost adds essential nutrients and improves soil structure, helping seedlings to grow strong and healthy.
  • Bone Meal (5%): Rich in phosphorus, bone meal supports the development of strong root systems in young plants. It also provides calcium and a little nitrogen.
  • Azomite (5%): A mineral-rich amendment that provides a broad spectrum of nutrients to support overall plant health and growth.
  • Kelp Meal (5%): Kelp meal is a slow-release fertilizer that supplies micronutrients and growth hormones, encouraging robust growth and stress resistance.
  • Compost + Biochar (3%): Biochar improves soil fertility and water retention, and when combined with compost, it enriches the soil with microorganisms and nutrients.
  • Humic Acid (1%): This ingredient helps in the uptake of nutrients and improves soil structure. Even at 1%, it can have a significant positive effect on seedling growth.
  • Mycorrhizae (1%): Introducing mycorrhizal fungi to the mix will greatly benefit plants by enhancing nutrient and water absorption through the roots.

Our Seedling Soil Mix is designed to promote exceptional growth and health from the earliest stages of plant development. Its balanced composition supports a smooth transition from germination to vigorous early growth, ensuring your plants have the strong start they need.

Perfect for all types of seedlings, this mix is your first step towards a successful and thriving garden.

Give your seedlings the foundation they deserve with our Seedling Soil Mix.

For more information and application instructions, see our dedicated page for the Seedling Plant Soil Mix.
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